Dyngus Day...Stupid? Not in Buffalo! Something TV Personality Anderson Cooper found out in short order after laughing like a school girl when doing a segement on Dyngus Day in the Queen City Did he diss Buffalo? What do you think, stupid, funny, disrespectful? Watch and let us know.


AC360 just ended with Cooper apologizing to Dygus Day lovers everywhere, especially to those who took his comments "the wrong way" in Buffalo. Cooper insists he was saying his "13 year old girl"-esq giggle fit was stupid and NOT Dyngus Day festivities. Cooper has also promised, schedule permitting, to attend Dyngus Day 2013 and be Buffalo's first ever Pussy Willow Prince.

Cooper clarifies comments....

Cooper apologizes for Dyngus Day dis: wivb.com

In case you missed the original Ridiculist comments from Anderson on CNN...

(From CNN)