Finally, It seems like an eternity 7 years later Brad and Angelina are finally getting married. The designers are scrambling to present the perfect wedding dress. It is wedding season and now is the time to make a fashion statement. Vera Wang is the reigning queen of wedding gown design for young celebrities. Vera Wang  has introduced a black wedding gown and says she could see Jolie wearing one.

Black? Huummmm. Are there any brides in Buffalo that will rock a black wedding dress this year? You can find bridal fashion at Bridals by D, Bridal Chateau and David's.  If you can find it in LA you'll find it in Buffalo. If I come across one while I'm gown hunting with my firend  I'll be sure to post a picture.

In addition to fashion, there's makeup. I stumbled upon an Angelina Jolie makeup tutorial. All I can say is, amazing how this lady transforms herself for the look. If you love makeup you'll want to save this and try it at home. If you have ever wondered how contouring can work. Watch and learn.