Anne Hathaway is joining the "Glee" club. The show's creator and executive producer Ryan Murphy has confirmed to "People" magazine that they've finalized a deal with Hathaway to play a role she created for herself. Hathaway appeared on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" back in November and told host Jimmy Fallon how much she loved "Glee" and that she knew exactly what character she would play if she ever got the chance.  Now that chance has arrived and, as planned, Hathaway will play the long lost lesbian aunt to Chris Colfer's character Kurt Hummel.  No word yet on what songs she might sing or when the episode will air.

Murphy added that, as usual, he got plenty of other pitches for guest spots during Sunday's Golden Globe Awards, where "Glee" picked up three awards including Best Musical or Comedy Series for the second straight year.  "Glee" returns with a new episode February 6th after Super Bowl 45 on Fox.

Courtesy of Metro Source