These are actual photos taken from the kitchens here at 96.1 JoyFM.


Have you EVER worked in an office that DIDN'T have a few of these "Your mom doesn't work here" signs in the kitchen?  There's not one, not two, but THREE in one kitchen....



Yet, directly below the signs, sit this:



Nasty. Stinky. Bacteria-laden. And worst of all -- SOMEONE ELSE'S STUFF.

In an office I used to work in, the refrigerator was...offensive.  I realize sometimes we forget what food items we've brought in....but some of this stuff would sit there for MONTHS.  Finally I became what my coworkers deemed as the "Fridge Nazi" (ala Soup Nazi from Seinfeld) because I got so sick of seeing so many science experiments next to my bag of celery and carrots.  So I put yet ANOTHER sign up, saying if your stuff wasn't gone by Friday morning, it would be thrown out:  plates, Tupperware and all.

As an aside, it's always driven me crazy....who's mom ALWAYS cleaned up after them anyway?  And that whole "We've fired the maid" thing?  Who's got one of those?  What year is this?

So I know we're not the only ones here.  Submit the signs in YOUR office kitchen.  You know you have em!  All yellowed and tattered....and totally ignored.....