I've gotta be honest; I normally ignore the activities of the British royal family [yes, I watched a little of the Will and Kate wedding, and, like most of the world, followed the ill-fated life of Princess Diana. But that's about it]. But a new biography of the late Queen Mother caught my attention on at least a couple of points.

First of all, The Queen Mother: The Untold Story of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Who Became Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother (and isn't that a mouthful) claims that the Queen Mother was actually the illegitimate daughter of her father and her family's French-born cook! (I'm not sure here, but, if she was illegitimate, wouldn't her children, including the current Queen of England, Elizabeth II, also be illegitimate?)

A more interesting charge is made by author Lady Colin Campbell as to the conception of the Queen Mother's children, Queen Elizabeth II and her sister, Princess Margaret. While Lady Campbell says the Queen Mother and her husband, King George VI, were definitely the parents, the daughters were conceived through artificial insemination! (That must have been rather involved; artificial insemination was a new process in the 1940's, when both children were conceived) The reason for AI, according to Lady Campbell?

In aristocratic and royal circles, it was known that Elizabeth did not do sex"

As you'd expect, a book making charges like this is getting a rough ride in the UK. One veteran royal watcher says it would best be read "as a work of fiction".

No, I'm not running out for a copy [my Kindle has quite enough to keep me busy, thank you]. But Anglophiles may be planning a trip to the bookstore. Enjoy....