Who’s your dream date among fictional characters? Danny from Grease? Johnny from Dirty Dancing? The Guy With The Whip from Fifty Shades Of Grey? How about a nice guy who grew up in Kansas, came to the Big City, and now works as a mild-mannered reporter?

 Of course I’m talking about Clark Kent or, as he’s better known, Superman. You saw his Match.com profile on our front page. The dating web site is helping DC Comics promote an upcoming romance between Superman and Wonder Woman by posting what they think their profiles might look like. (Personally, I think they should post Lois Lane’s profile as well. They may still have a chance. Hey, Barbie got back together with Ken…)

It got me thinking. Bruce Wayne? All the money in the world, of course. But moody as all get-out when he can’t get his hands on the Riddler…Peter Parker? Young, vulnerable, a little…well, geeky. But you may like that kind of thing.

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