When I walked in the studio this morning I saw the Buffalo News headline "Man survives unprotected trip over falls". I wonder what it will say tomorrow. For the second time in two days another person has jumped over the falls. This guy wasn't so lucky. It is believed that it was a suicide. What else would it be!!

Unfortunately, there are copycat killings and now copycat suicides. Can you imagine the fear the first man must have felt when he realized,Oh God i'm not dead!!! Apparently at the last moment he decided he wanted to live and swam to shore. He had the opportunity to have a last chance. Man #2 as I will call him had no such luck. It is unlikely he could survive the fall on the American rocks.

I guess I can say Nick Walenda has been reupstaged, knocked out of the box and made a nonfactor. I'm kidding about the last one.  What will the jumper who lived have to say, I can guarantee interviews are on the way as soon as he gets a new wardrobe and new image.