Baseball fans still have not learned! Keith Carmickle climbed up on a narrow table, leaned forward and lost his balance, momentum carrying him toward a 20-foot fall to a pool deck below.

Had it not been for the quick reactions of his brother, a friend and a handful of fans Monday night at Major League Baseball's All-Star Home Run Derby, Carmickle might have suffered the same fate as Shannon Stone, the Texas Rangers' fan who died Thursday night trying to catch a ball thrown into the stands.
"I thought: I've lived a good life," Carmickle said.

Keith and his friends had already grabbed home run balls by Robinson Cano and Adrian Gonzalez, and were looking to add another to their collection when Milwaukee's Prince Fielder came up in the second round of the derby. So they really didn't need anymore!

Trying to snare a towering shot by Fielder, Carmickle stepped up onto a metal table about 18 inches wide and reached down for the catch. He missed the ball,and the momentum carried him headfirst over a short railing.

Carmickle was headed for a hard landing when his friend, Aaron Nelson, grabbed his legs and his brother, Kraig, grabbed him around the arms. With assistance from fans they pulled him back. I love baseball and would like to catch a foul ball. But I sure wouldn't risk my life for one! Here is the vido from the CBS early news.