If you were with us earlier this week, you learned I LOATHE Snapchat.  Keith LOVES it. I find it obnoxious.

He tried to show me how to use it, and my disdain for it isn't because I don't get HOW to use it. My disdain stems from the nature of the app, because since your snap only stays visible for a few seconds, it's for cheaters. Those with nothing to hide, hide nothing. That's just me though.

A car accident victim is actually suing the app, claiming they are partially responsible for a crash he was involved in, when a young driver plowed her dad's Mercedes into the back of his Mitsubishi going 107 miles an hour. It was captured on Snapchat, thanks to the filter that lets you share how fast you are going.

While the victim was left in ICU for weeks and still currently suffers from lasting effects of a traumatic brain injury, Christal McGee, the Snapchatter, naturally Snapped a pic of HERSELF strapped to a gurney with blood on her head, stating she was lucky to be alive.

Snapchat via MLNLaw.com

EDITORIAL:  I don't fault the app for this accident. I believe 100 percent of the blame lies on this irresponsible, young, privileged girl who clearly doesn't have a great grasp on the fact that HER actions can affect other people. Many are coming out and saying that's like suing fast food restaurants for being fat, or suing a car manufacturer for a drunk driving accident.

That being said, in the age of "can't fix stupid", coupled with the fact that millennials are now the largest living generation (Snapchat is most popular with the 18 to 34 year old demographic), we've got some work to do letting kids know how dangerous their actions can be.

Is a Snap worth ANYONE's safety?