There are a lot of reasons to adore Ryan Reynolds, He's a good actor, he's pretty darn handsome, and seems to have a great sense of humor.  His wit came to the rescue over the weekend.

Credit: Paul Marotta, Getty Images

According to, Ryan Reynolds "is always down to help a brokenhearted fan get some hilarious, petty revenge."  Here's what happened.  Over the long weekend, a high school senior, Gabi Dunn, was having a rough time getting over a break-up with her boyfriend. They had just gone to prom together, and split a few days later.  So, what to do with all of the prom pictures?  Gabi decided to Photoshop pictures of Reynolds onto the head of her former boyfriend...then tweeted about it. Gabi went to social media and posted this:

Then guess who joined in on the tweets?  Ryan Reynolds tweeted to the newly single senior:

Ryan's also coming to the rescue in Deadpool 2, coming out in 2018.