What’s Pinterest you ask?  Move over Facebook, it’s social media’s latest and greatest site for exchanging ideas. 

A colleague from NYC recently invited me to join Pinterest.  Although I was a bit skeptical at first (thinking who has the time, I don ‘t! ), I am off and “pinning” now.  What’s it all about and why would you bother?  It’s fun, full of great ideas and easy enough for me to figure out!

Pinterest is like an online bulletin board where you can tack up all of those inspirational sayings, funny pictures, recipes and pretty much anything you like for everyone to see.  Why bother?  It’s actually a great distraction while I am waiting in the doctor’s office or anywhere for that matter.  In just a few days, I have laughed at funny pictures, been inspired by thoughtful quotes and even nabbed a few recipes and do it yourself ideas for home (someday).

You can either request an invite on Pinterest, or if someone you know is already on the site, they can send you an invitation to join.  That second is better, because you can sign up immediately.

Once your on, Pinterest connects you with any of your Facebook friends that may already have joined and your off and “pinning.”  (I had nearly 50 friends already on Pinterest when I joined this week.)  It’s easy to do, the site will initially walk you through the simple steps of creating “boards” with all of your favorite stuff.  Then you add to them.  Just hit the “pin” button on anything your friends post that you like, and follow the prompts.  Everything you “Pin” ends up on your boards.

There’s also a way to upload your own ideas and room for comments.

I really love the idea of sharing so much information.  Really nothing personal, just ideas for your home, fashion, the kids or anything you want.  This is definitely the web-version of “chick flick.”  Lol!   (Once you're logged on, follow me!)