If your kids are old enough to speak, they've probably already asked you for a cell phone.

And if they're wise enough, they use the whole "I can call you so you know I'm safe" line to get you to buy it.

And once you fell for that one, you may have quickly realized that kids can be really, really bad at checking in with said phone!

A mom in Texas invented an app that GUARANTEES your kid calls back.  How?  When you enact the app, it locks your kid's phone so it can only do one of two things:  call you, or dial 911.

No texting, no apps, no games, no social media'ing.....Mom, or 911.

It's called "Ignore No More" and it's less than $2, right now only available for Android phones.  Apparently Apple doesn't allow apps to lock up the phone the way this does.