If you let your kids play with your iPad, iPhone or iPod beware!

I was sitting with my cousin a couple of weeks ago, and her son asked if he could buy a cape on the game he was playing on his iPod Touch. My cousin said no because it was $14, and I thought, "Wow that's a lot of money!" I couldn't believe that was in a kids' game, and if there wasn't a password, a kid could rack up a big bill!

It turns out there was a class action lawsuit about just that! Some kids have racked up hundreds of dollars in charges while playing games on Apple products, and now some of the parents are getting a refund.There was one child who racked up a $1,400 bill buying "Smurfberries" while playing the game Smurf Village.

Parents who claim their kids ran up unauthorized charges of $30 or less will get $5 worth of iTunes store credit or $5 cash (if they no longer have an iTunes account). The charge on iTunes had to be incurred before May 2, 2013, and you have until August 30, 2013 to file for a refund.