Two weeks ago I took the plunge… I was Mr. Android for years and now I am the proud owner of an iPhone. I have been in transition mode since I got the iPhone, trying to learn the ins and outs just like I had to do when I had purchased my first Android phone. The iPhone is a solid, secure phone with tons of great apps to go along with it.

I really enjoyed the Android phones that I had including the Droid Eris and Droid X. I anxiously awaited the upgrade date debating in my mind which phone I would go with when the time came. I went to the store browsing both types of phones and I decided to take the plunge and join the iPhone circle that seemed to surround me with family and friends.

Things I loved about Android… Customization with widgets, an 8 Megapixel camera on the Droid X, high definition video recording in 720P also on the Droid X and a huge screen that was exciting to look at.

Things I love so far about the iPhone… It’s an Apple product, it’s solid, there are some awesome apps, the ability to password protect the screen and it’s ease of use.

I would love to know what some of your favorite apps are for the iPhone, here are a few apps that you would find on my phone besides Facebook, Google + and Twitter…


The Yahoo! Fantasy Football App is one of my favorite, especially  now that football season has begun. I have numerous fantasy football teams in many different leagues through Yahoo! I get to track all teams, make roster changes and view the scoring without even needing to sit at the computer. Plus the application also offers fantasy tips and who to start and sit each week.






I am sure you probably have this one on your smart phone already, or you have probably at least heard of it… It’s Words With Friends. This is a Scrabble type of game that can be played between friends, all you have to do is register a username and find your friends by their username to get a game going. Also cool is you can have multiple games going at once. I think one time I had 10 games going on at the same time.






I am so happy that the Lockout ended and football is back. Football is what I pay attention to the most from August to January. This NFL application is great, you can get scores to all of the games, get players and teams news, check your fantasy team and even check out videos and photos too. It’s your full service, everything NFL application a must have for football fans!







Love this one… If you do your banking with Bank Of America, how can you go wrong with this Application? You can’t, you will know what your balance is at all time in all of your accounts and you can even do transfers between accounts plus some other great options are available with this application. If you are worried about your personal security, don’t be, you have to put your password in each time you log in.






The Radiopup application, this is the place to catch your favorite radio station 96.1 Joy FM when you’re not near a radio. I am always using this application when listening at work or out taking a walk. This application is a must have! Download it today!







Okay, this is not one of my favorite applications, it is my four year old daughters favorite app. I do let her play with my phone from time to time and this is one app that she is always enjoying. I do think it’s pretty cool, basically you can pick the type of cupcake you want to make and even decorate it when the cupcake is done baking in the oven. Like my daughter your kids will love the application Cupcake  Maker.






The application called Open Table is pretty cool. The name pretty much says it all. You can look up different restaurants in any area that participate with Open Table and you can make reservations for that restaurant. There are a bunch of restaurants in Western New York that show up on the Open Table application. You can even read reviews of the restaurants. If you’re like my wife she wants to always try new places to eat and this app might give you some new ideas o fwhere to go.





Again, as mentioned above, I love hearing about apps, some that are fun and some that are useful, if you have your favorite app let me know about it. Enjoy the ones I mentioned if you don’t already have them.

Honorable mentions… Bee Tag, Angry Birds, WordPress, Spotify and Instagram.