As big kids, we get to have a whole bunch'a fun on April Fool's Day...and the little kids get in their fare share of pranks, too.  Now, moms and dads can get in on the action in some super fun ways!

A brilliant woman named Julie Winterbottom authored a book called Pranklopedia: The Funniest, Grossest, Craziest, Not-Mean Pranks on the Planet.  She is the Nickelodeon magazine editor-in-chief, so she knows a thing or two about entertaining kids.

This compilation looks all too fun, and I'm passing on just a FEW of the pranks included:

  • Sudden Growth Spurt:  Buy a few pairs of undies that are exactly like what your kid has now, but 2 sizes smaller.  Put them in the drawer that your kid is sure to grab from on April Fools' morning.
  • Orange You Going to Drink Your Juice? The night before 4/1, make a glass of orange juice using lemon Jell-O mix.  When your kid tries to drink it, it will LOOK like orange juice, but won't budge from the glass!
  • Phone Fun:  When your kid isn't around, change the ring tone to something ridiculous, like a baby crying (you can find free funny ring tones online or in an app).  Crank up the volume then call your child repeatedly from a number he/she won't recognize.
  • An Eggscellent Glass of Milk:  Peel a hard boiled egg and slip it in your child's glass of milk. Pretend to be mystified when they notice something strange in there.
It's all in good fun, of course...and I really like that these are "not-mean" pranks that could really embarrass your child or result in years of therapy.  That's what the late-teens are for. ;)
Check out the Facebook page, and here's a link to order the book!  :)
They'll never see it coming!