Are overweight women less successful than their skinnier friends? The answer is yes according to a recent study.  I can understand how this may be true. I have seen many types of discrimination and weight discrimination is one of them.  The study blames a lack of education, rather than workplace discrimination as the major reason.

"Bigger girls are less likely to go to college regardless of how well they did in school, their career aspirations or whether their parents went to college," said Christy Glass, one of two Utah State University associate professors of sociology involved in the study. "That education deficit accumulates over the course of their careers." via

I hate to think of women depriving themselves of education because of their size. If this study is true it has to change.  We live in a society that says stick thin is in. Was it discrimination that banned the Lane Bryant Lingerie adds from airing during prime time and allowed the Victoria Secrets commercials to air during the same time slot? YES!!  It is harder for a curvy, overweight, fat women to make it in today's world. It takes a thick skin, self confidence and love of self to prevail. If you disagree, when is the last time you have seen one of these headlines for skinny people?
" Beauty Salon in GA Charges $5 more for it's fat client'
"Southwest Airlines denies woman on flight."she's to big to fly"
"Club bans Fat women, no big girls allowed in Montreal club"