Buffalo sports are never boring.  We may not win championships, but there is never a lack of drama.  The latest gossip stems from a column written by a Boston Globe reporter... 

Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe is speculating in an online column that there may be a for sale sign on our beloved Sabres.  He writes:

For sale’ signs in Buffalo?  Getting vibes once again that Sabres owner Tom Golisano is poking around for a prospective buyer for his Lake Erie stick carriers. Over the summer, Golisano had the locals all aflutter when he noted,“Nothing is written in concrete, but at this point I would say I’m probably going to be the owner of the Buffalo Sabres in five years, maybe 10 years.’’ The name that comes up in all NHL club sales talk is RIMM guru/hockey lover Jim Balsillie, who made himself no friends among NHL owners when he tried to pirate the Phoenix Coyotes away to Toronto’s outer suburbs. But the key name to keep in mind if this heats up: Terry Pegula. He’s the guy who forked over the $88 million gift for Penn State to build a rink and fund scholarships for Division 1 hockey. Pegula’s wife, Kim, is from suburban Buffalo, a good sign for the locals. No one ever wants to leave the Buff. 

Courtesy of :  http://www.boston.com/sports/hockey/articles/2010/11/28/theyre_sold_stamkos_is_as_good_as_advertised/?page=3

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