The past few weeks have been absolutely hilarious with Laura and nothing short of entertaining. I’ve learned a lot about her…perhaps even too much, but I don’t mind. Today, a mascot walked off the elevator at 7 this morning and she had a MELT DOWN.

Laura shrieked so loud, I whipped my chair around (because we are forced to stare at each other while we’re here) to find a polar bear mascot walking in with some escorts. While the bear hugged me, I thought she was going to call the police or something. When she finally had the courage to come out and accept the cookies they had brought in she explained she never even liked to sit on Santa or the Easter Bunny’s lap even when she was younger. I looked at her like she had 6 heads as her heads shook while talking to the giant bear.

So if you listen to Laura in the morning here’s some things you should know. Besides mascots she’s afraid of, she can’t stand putting up Christmas decorations, bad teeth, bad table manners, Christmas decorations, seafood, when people put an ‘s’ on the end of Wal-Mart, oh… and did I mention she hates putting up Christmas decorations.

My list…much simpler. Things I don’t like: People that don’t put up their Christmas lights………and heights. HaHa.

So we sit here wondering if she is the only one that has this problem or is there something else that you are irrationally shaken up by? What is it?!

Is there anything that you are irrationally terrified of?