I moved here almost 4 weeks ago from Albany.  Admittedly, I was worried I'd miss was the Saratoga Casino and Raceway, since every once in a while, I'd like to go up and try my luck at the slots.  I was so happy to know there's a wonderful casino here too!

Whenever I'd go, I'd laugh to myself at those who would magically wave their hand over the screen in a certain pattern with each spin....some would hold a troll doll over the machine....some would even insist on standing every time they made a bet, but had to sit while the wheels turned.  How silly.

Then I realized every time I went, I was sure to put on my green (green = money, right?) bracelet on before I left.  I made sure I was dressed as though I had already won a copious amount of cash.  I even went as far as to try to make sure I was wearing green....undergarments.  Sure, I didn't do a "money dance" every time I picked a machine, but I sure did let my "women's intuition" guide me to the machine that called me.  I also felt that if I was on a winning streak, the machine didn't want me to lose.   It wanted to give me massive payouts!

Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. But when it all came down to it, whether I was up, down, or broke even, I had to remind myself that I did have fun.

Maybe I should invest in one of those magical troll dolls...for that big, fat, juicy, beckoning, delicious Powerball drawing on Wednesday night.  $425 million is a lot of trolls.

Or I'll just use the numbers DJ the Wonder Dog picked, and if they don't hit, I'll give her one less treat.  Hey, who are we kidding...the dog eats better than I do.

Are YOU superstitious?  Do you have any weird good luck charms?  And are you using them in tomorrow's Powerball???  And will you share??? :) And who sells those troll dolls these days, anyway?!?!?