Today is the final Oprah show. The last two days have been a major start studded event.  The "Queen", Aretha Franklin appeared on stage and sang "Amazing Grace". Aretha turned the finale into a Sunday church service. Oprah cried and hugged Steadman and it is a truly bittersweet farewell. Click here to see it all

I remember talk TV 25 years ago. Phil Donahue was the king of talk.  I may have been 10 but I always loved current events and watching the news.  I can still remember the bigger than life billboard for Oprah Winfrey. Big hair, beautiful teeth and the slogan"Oprahs On". I would rush home from school do my homework and watch Oprah as my cousin played Atari. I'll miss the Oprah show and I look forward to seeing what's ahead for the Queen of talk.