When I was a kid, we were always outside in the backyard playing. We had a big clump of trees in our yard we called the Jordache Jungle, and we would be in there for hours! We loved that, but it was nothing compared to the cool backyard of my parents' friends!

Our family was invited over for a party, and we couldn't believe it, but their backyard was a pirate ship! The yard sloped down from their house because they lived on the side of a hill, so to make it more level and usable, they converted it into a ship! They had several different levels all connected by planks or ladders. It was a kid's dream! Unfortunately, the people who bought the house tore it down, but I always thought it was a great idea for a deck!

When I started looking for pirate ship backyards, I came across this ship. It took a while, but I would have LOVED this in my backyard!

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