Kids are learning more stuff at an earlier age.  It amazes me that by the end of Kindergarten they know how to read. At what point do us as parents become useless in helping with homework because it's beyond us?

My daughter came home last night with math homework.  She's in second grade. I was pretty good at math, so I get to help her a lot.  It's been a couple years since I've been in school (maybe more than a couple), so some of this stuff is not fresh in my mind -- parallelograms, isosceles triangles, quadrilaterals.  It took a bit, but it came back.  Again, she's only in second grade.

I was talking to a friend who is a teacher, and she said her son is doing AP stuff in sevent grade.  I like helping my kids and knowing what they are leaning.  At what point will they be studying things they I have no idea about?  Scary.  Good for them, but scary.