Did you know one in every 68 children is affected by autism?

Neither did I.

For the past few years, I've seen my friend Melissa post things regarding autism awareness on her Facebook page, as her little boy Ollie has the diagnosis. She always wrote, "Autism is speaking...are you listening?" Her passion moved me to...well, listen.

Then I met little Brayden, my boyfriend Brandon's nephew. Brayden is also autistic, and I saw (and heard) a bit more of how wide, but not necessarily debilitating, the spectrum is. And watching this guy's mind WORK....I know Melissa has experienced the same.

Coincidentally, one of the VERY first randomly-chosen Workplace of the Week deliveries I did was at Summit Educational Resources. Even knowing Ollie and Brayden, I had no idea what "Summit" was, until I got there, met with the staff, got a tour and saw/heard even MORE. What an amazing group of people.

For all of these reasons (and more!) I'm walking in tomorrow's (4.26.14) 15th Annual Autism Awareness Walk to benefit Summit. You may have seen me highlight it in this week's "Buffalowdown" segment I do every Friday on WKBW.

Suddenly, I'm sent THIS video...featuring one of the best songs out there, and some of the kids the walk will help impact! :)

Yes, Melissa, I'm listening! :)