Starting to feel like you're run down and have no time to stop and take a deep breath?

Delilah gives a few tips on how to manage yourself when you're dealing with what is called a burnout. These tips will help you stay relaxed and happy during the holiday season.

The days are shorter, darker, cooler…and some days that’s a recipe for feeling tired and worn out. Include the rush and excitement of the holiday season and you may pay a price – it’s called burnout. Don’t let yourself drag thru this fun-filled season; instead keep in mind a few tips to stay relaxed and happy…

Just say NO to booking your schedule too tight. Pick out the things you really want to do, leave some room for downtime and excuse yourself politely from the rest.

Don’t do everything. Parse out some of those holiday responsibilities. Can someone help you with the holiday shopping, cooking, and gift wrapping?

Don’t overindulge. This is a hard one, but don’t overdo the food and drink because it will only make you tired and sluggish. Instead of heaping helpings, try taking a small taste of all that delicious food.

Take a quiet moment now and then. Unplug and unwind. Sip some soothing tea, put on some slippers and comforting music.

Resist worrying about making everyone happy and making everything perfect. Worry will set you on the fast track to burnout.

Be thankful for everything. Fill your heart with gratitude and your spirit will rise up to meet the joy within this special season.

What do YOU do when you feel like you're going to burnout? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post