Now that Spring is here, there are many things to do and get done.

Among these things are taking the time to slow down and enjoy every moment.

Why did the duck waddle across the road? To make me put on the brakes and watch from my car, reminding me to slow down and enjoy this moment. Every spring little ducklings appear on my pond and sometimes when I'm driving up my long dirt driveway, I have to stop for a "duck crossing, " patiently letting the mama and her ducklings waddle in a perfect line to get wherever they're going next.

I love this time of year on the farm. The birds bring back their morning serenade and the fuzzy baby chicks are too cute for words! I used to let our chickens roam about freely, but after we lost one too many chicks to hawks, I decided to limit their freedom and built an enclosed chicken coop and run. It's not nearly as fun as seeing them scratch in the dirt around my rose bushes, but it's not nearly as traumatic for my children who love these silly chickens and give them names each spring when the babies hatch out.

I love living on a farm, even when I have to stop to let ducks make their way across the road. I love having dirt under my finger nails once again now that I can work in the flower beds and the veggie garden. I love the multitude of blessings God has given me, especially my life on this little farm.

As I watch new life push through the soil, and witness baby chicks hatch from their eggs, and notice leaf buds begin to form on my trees, I am reminded that this is a season of new beginnings...that I, too, can birth a new attitude to make the most of each day, each relationship and each opportunity. I hope spring inspires you to make the changes in your life that you've been meaning to make in order to create a richer, fuller life.

What do YOU look forward to during the season of Spring? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post