It's hard to believe that the summer is going by so fast! But soon it will be back to school time!That means students returning to college.

For those students that are in an apartment, or do not participate in the college food plan it means preparing your own meals.

College Staple:

When I went to college, Ramen noodles were their own food group. And nothing has changed today! Ramen noodles are a staple for the college student, cheap and easy to prepare. But did you know how versatile they are! You can create so many tasty , and yes unhelathy meals. But they'll fill you up!


My favorite comes from my son Ryan when he was at Canisius College. Appropriatley naemd " prison Ramen" , this fine cuisne consists of cooked Chicken Ramen noodles, canned tuna fish, hot sauce (of course!) and topped with a healthy spritz of instant cheese in a can. Yum!

If you survive that recipie, you can use Ramen Noodles for breakfast! One way is to Break an egg in with the ramen noodles while boiling. Add seasoning packet as directed and enjoy a filling breakfast soup. 

Okay if you want something healthy, whip up your favoerite salad. Then in a frying pan add a litle ovile oil, and uncooked Raemn Noodles broken into small poieces. Toast them and put on top of your salad. They're great!

The possibilities are endless! For more try 50 amazing Ramen Noodle recipiesfrom Anita Dualeh at Rasmussen College. Bon Apetite!