An interesting topic came up in conversation with a friend of mine who's a single mom to an adorable two-year-old little boy.

They recently returned from their first trip to Disney, and she said there were a CRAZY amount of kids walking around with those backpacks with leashes attached. We both agreed they've been around for quite some time, but it just seemed there were a ton more than either of us remembered. She doesn't chose to use one, as she's virtually ALWAYS attached to his hand...if she's not carrying him.

As a single mom, she kind of felt like it was like treating your kid -- ADHD or not -- like an animal. I know when I was a kid, my tiny little hand was wound tightly around one or both of my parents' fingers at all times. But that was then, this is now.

I dunno...whatcha think?

(While you of the best Modern Family episodes tackled this very topic...hilariously...)