For someone like me living the Atkins lifestyle, this is a dream come true.

For someone counting calories or with any regard to their arteries, it's more like a nightmare.

A site called Dude Foods just released a "recipe" for a double-decker bacon cheeseburger...that replaces the bun with MORE CHEESE!

There's a cheese called "bread cheese" that doesn't actually contain's just firm enough to stand in for the bread in a sandwich. (I'm not sure we can find it anywhere in Buffalo. It's originally from Finland, and right now, I only see it at Whole Foods. We don't have one here, do we?)

For this particular creation, use three slabs of bread cheese, two burger patties, six slices of bacon, and four pieces of regular cheese.

FYI, it clocks in around 4,300 calories.  But it looks amazing. And disgusting. And I still want to try it.