Please stop going to supermarkets and checking your manners at the door!I'm in Supermarket quite a bit and can't believe what I see! Do you recognize any of these?

The produce pawer: 

it's apple season and we have the best WNY apples in store. I recently witnessed a person going through every bag of apples siting there, handling them all, and choosing the ones she liked and putting them into her bag. Disgusting!

The I can't move person:

The people who park their carts in the middle of the aisle and won't move for what seems like days.

The deli bee:

You know the type, they are on both sides of you at the deli buzzing around you like bees on a late September afternoon trying to get a glimpse of the mortadella!

The bulk food bandit:

It appears to be their god given right to stick their hands into the bulk food for a free sample. Supermarkets should station a person there with a ruler to wrap some knuckles!

I'm exempt from express:

Those that feel 25 items are close enough for the 15 item or less express check out.

Check out check writer:

Ok not really bad behavior, but writing checks for your purchase is something we did in 1965. Some of the young cashiers aren't really sure what a check is. Come on people, it's 2011!

How about you? Have you witnessed any bad behavior? Let us know!