A survey of more than 2,000 executives by TheLadders.com reveals that 36% of U.S. bosses have issued a formal warning for swearing, and 6% have actually fired an employee for swearing. The survey also found that 81% of senior executives find a foul-mouthed colleague unacceptable to work alongside in the office. 70% also said they would fire an employee for bad office manners, while 82% said they have given an official warning for etiquette offenses, such as making too many personal calls, talking too loudly or wearing revealing clothing. So what are the top five nos-nos?

  1. Bad language, 38.4%
  2. Excessive workplace gossip, 36.5%
  3. Drinking on the job, 35.2%
  4. Leaving the office without telling anyone, 33.6%
  5. Too many personal calls, 28%