Every family is different, some don't mind if their children curse while others do. A mother in the UK who has been called the "Barbie" of the UK is a little different. I'm trying not to criticize but. .... What little girlwants a gift of future breast augmentation at the age of seven or a Botox certificate?

 That is what Sarah Burge gave her daughter. According to "Barbie" her daughter asks for plastic surgery all the time. My God daughter Savannah asks for every cute furry dog she sees, doesn't mean shes going to get it.

 Sarah has spent an estimated 1 million dollars on plastic surgery to look like a plastic doll. In my opinion she is sending the message to her daughter that she is not beautiful and that a little work can make it all better. I have no issues with plastic surgery, fix it before it breaks if you can. Let your little girl decide for herself when she becomes a young lady.