People nowadays feel the need to insult and put down others to get their point across. How do people think this kind of conversing is effective?

Delilah explains that people need to learn to be civil with one another and be respectful. There's no need to insult or put down others; instead, be the bigger person and choose to not participate in such actions.

I love going on social media and seeing pictures of my grandkids and nieces and nephews. The high school homecoming photos are wonderful, as were the first day of school photos. I love those posts, they lift my spirit! I enjoy seeing funny posts from my friends. I like to send out birthday messages to people I know. When I have a free moment I like to go on Facebook and see what’s going on in the lives of people I love.

But I gotta tell you, lately, it’s not the same. I go on my home page and it seems like every other post is someone ranting about something. People placing blame on other people. Saying really unkind things. The comments and debate can get really nasty…and I wonder how people think this kind of banter is effective. I wonder if one mind has been changed due to insults. I doubt very many at all.

It’s not that I discourage debate and free speech and all that, but I do discourage insults and put downs and adults acting like children. We don’t have to all agree or get along but let’s be civil and respectful at least. I know it’s hard when you passionately believe in something that others do not like, but my encouragement today is to be the bigger person if ever you find yourself in the middle of a conversation like that. Don’t participate if it starts to get ugly. You’re not a coward and you’re not giving up – you’re choosing to be a respectable person. That’s how I see it.

How do YOU choose to handle this kind of situation? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post