Boy, it has been a rough stretch for pop music! In just the last few months we've lost Whitney and Donna. Sadly, Bee Gee Robin Gibb has joined that group, losing his long battle with liver and colon cancer at the age of 62.

The Bee Gees, formed by Robin, along with twin brother Maurice , who died in 2003, and Barry, had a long career. Here's a brief history:


In mid-April, Robin was hospitalized in London after slipping into a coma. Amazingly, he woke up a week later, and was even starting to walk again. But a family spokesperson announced Sunday night that he had died.

Over the 40-plus year career of the Bee Gees, they sold more than 220 million albums! 15 million of those were copies of the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever, which was also the soundtrack to a lot of that era. Here's one I'll never forget:


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