Sometimes all I think I do around here is host the all-night radio program and read about studies.

This morning I found out about research from France that claims the more a person drinks, the more attractive they believe they are. Okay. But the same study says that the more a person thinks they've had, the more attractive they think they are, even if they haven't had a drop.

Self-esteem also goes up with the alcohol effect. The French survey had about 100 men have what they were told might or might not be an alcoholic beverage. Then then were filmed reading an announcement. Those who believed they had had a drink believed they had done an excellent job, while those who thought they were still sober gave themselves lower marks on their reading. This was constant whether or not the person had had a drink.

Lead researcher Laurent Begue put it this way:

"Our study shows that the mere fact of believing that you have drunk alcohol makes you feel more attractive. The alcohol dose has no effect in itself."

Okay. I get that too. So, let me see if I understand this now. If you think you're drinking something alcoholic, you'll think better about yourself than if you don't. Positive thinking makes you seem more attractive to others. Therefore, thinking you're a little tipsy makes you more attractive to others, meaning we generate our own beer gogglesWhether or not we have a beer. Or am I confused again? I read too many studies...