Were YOU fooled at all yesterday?

Ok...Pussy willows weren't banned for Dyngus Day, YouTube was not shutting down for 10 years, and chances are, you can't legitimately write off pet expenses on your taxes.  But at least we had a little fun with each other! :)

However, there were five pretty significant ones locally....one of which ALMOST got me.  ALMOST. (A coworker came running into my office like Paul Revere yelling "JIMMY FALLON'S COMING! JIMMY FALLON'S COMING!"  I was immediately suspicious...Jimmy is from Albany and would barely be caught dead there, let alone coming to Dyngus Day!)

Nick Barnett claiming he was signed with the Bills was also a good one.

My fav, though, was one that doesn't sound too far-fetched (to me, at least)....chicken wing-flavored ice cream.  I'm a little bummed this one didn't pan out...because I'd totally try it!


So, what -- if anything -- had YOU fooled yesterday?