I got the cutest birthday present from Laura Daniels -- and the coolest part about it is that it helps the Buffalo Zoo!

If you haven't been to the Buffalo Zoo lately to see Luna (the new polar bear), you are missing out. She is adorable, but the zoo is still in need of donations to get her new habitat finished. You can read all about their plans here!

Bracelet From Luna Bear Designs

Enter, my awesome birthday present! It was made by Luna Bear Design and part of the proceeds go to support the "Our Bears Belong in Buffalo" drive going on right now!

Luna Bear Designs' Shop Announcement:

Our Bears Belong in Buffalo
This statement on a billboard is what has inspired Luna Bear Designs – that and my 7 year old daughter Aly. We are using the proceeds from this shop to make a donation to the Buffalo Zoo in hopes that we can help to keep our new baby polar bear here in Buffalo! You can see Aly's original designs in each listing and she has also helped to make the pieces herself - along with some help from Mom :)Please note, all items are hand stamped and therefore one of a kind. Each image is a representation of what you will receive, but because the process is not an exact science, there may be some small variances in the stamping.All items can be made custom! Would you like a bear necklace with your name or your child's name? Just contact us - I'm happy to set up a custom listing for you!

Thanks so much for your support!