How much do you think this sucker cost the happy couple? This may be the sweetest wedding cake I've ever seen.

One Buffalo tweeted out the photo of the cake earlier this week and fans loved it! And so did we!

Future wedding cake!/!? Love this!!!!!!" Ashley wrote on Twitter about the cake.

But this got us thinking is this the best Buffalo wedding cake EVER? So we looked a little more and found another cake that One Buffalo tweeted out last month and we have to admit this one is pretty awesome! It has the Bills, Sabres and Bandits covered. This couple definitely feels the Buffalove! And the hockey puck off to the side makes this cake even more awesome!

Then there is this epic Buffalo Sabres cake topper that has us wishing we could have a wedding just so we'd have an excuse to buy it.

But that's nothing compared to this Buffalo topper that really takes the cake, see what we did there:

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