A recent poll by Rent.com listed the five best cities for single women to live in. They looked at factors like the availability of single men, low divorce rates, lifestyle, and social scene.  Buffalo was not on the list. But it should be! We have many things to offer!

Like low cost of housing, over 2,400 great restaurants to go on a date, more days of sunshine than Orlando, a great place to raise a family, and more! See if you agree with the list:

5. Washington, DC
Do you really want to talk politics on a first date? Besides they just had an earthquake!

4. Denver, Colorado
This could be the one city that gets more snow than we do! I swear it snows in July there.

3. Austin, Texas
OK they have a creative singles scene, but this is the state that talks about becoming its own country! Too weird....

2. Seattle, Washington
Seattle has jobs and that’s why single women flock there. But you'd better love coffee!

1. Phoenix, Arizona
Thirty per cent of the cities men are single. I can’t argue with that. But you’ll miss the change of seasons there!

So what about it? Is Buffalo a good place for single women to meet men? Leave me your comments!