Yesterday, we told you about Buffalo finishing 17th on a list of best trick-or-treat cities according to Zillow's Halloween Index. Well today, Zillow released the best neighborhoods within Buffalo to get a monstrous candy haul, so you better get your Gangnam Style out to North Buffalo, which is ground zero to bring in a gluttonous candy reserve.

I didn't even know there was a neighborhood called Starin Central, but that's probably because I don't know anyone with money, which this neighborhood has lot of. Bring your naughty Big Bird costume anywhere between Kenmore Avenue and Amherst Street, and you're gonna score big. It's just east of the Buffalo Zoo and west of the University of Buffalo.

When you're dressed like Prince Harry in Vegas, there are no better neighborhoods to defile than North Park or North Delaware. And make sure to bring your Catwoman, Bane or surly teen who wants candy but doesn't want to dress up in costume to the Parkside neighborhood, too.

It's no surprise that area around the Albright-Knox tops the list of Buffalo neighborhoods with a high trick-or-treat index, so head out to the mansions on Nottingham Terrace or Lincoln Parkway and try your luck. Unless you don't like candy?

Hopefully, you can use this info to plot a great Halloween candy strategy this year.