Admit it...when you were a kid, you snooped.

I totally did.  To this day, I still wish I hadn't.  See, I was praying for this adorable chimpanzee puppet thing (it looked SO REAL!!!), and though I had asked Santa for it, I secretly wanted it for my birthday (12/17).  I couldn't wait!  I was about 8 years old, and was searching the dining room hutch, and came across a bag.  I opened it. I saw the monkey.  I squealed a silent squeal, and carefully put it back in the spot my mom thought was secret.

When I opened it on my birthday, I TRIED to act surprised, but I couldn't.  Instead, I broke into tears.  I felt SO guilty for having snooped.  And my mom knew it all along.  She knew I didn't want to hurt her feelings by letting on that I knew, and said she was proud of me for trying to do the right thing.  I never snooped again.

In addition to what Santa brings, moms and dads everywhere try so hard to hide the gifts they've gotten for the little ones.  Here's a nice little list to help:

  • The attic.  It's dusty, scary, and even hard for kids to get up there.  Store the gifts in a big black garbage bag.
  • Your underwear drawer.  No kid is gonna want to dig thru that.
  • Suitcases.  Kids never suspect this one!
  • Right in front of their eyes.  Well, not completely, but store in crates/boxes, and label them with boring/frightening things kids wouldn't be interested in, IE "2007 tax receipts" or "math study guides".
  • The garbage.  Get an extra large can and keep it in the garage.  Again, put gifts in a black garbage bag. (Just be sure you don't mix it up with the REAL garbage can!)
  • Under your bed.  Put gifts in bags...and surround THOSE bags with old clothes, socks, etc. and they'll think ALL of them are stuff they don't want!
  • In the hamper.  Stick gifts at the bottom, and cover with dirty clothes. Like your kids are going to volunteer to do laundry any time soon.....
  • Your car.  Keep stuff locked in the trunk.  As long as the kids don't look back there while you're out shopping, they'll never think to find the keys!

Happy Hiding!

<3 LD