Are there no new ideas in the TV world? (I was going to say "in TV Land", but that particular cable channel, home to Hot In Cleveland, actually seems to have a new idea or two. And it specializes in reruns!)

What has me all worked up is news from that CBS is working on a new version of 60's classic sitcom Bewitched. The project is still in the early stages, but the story says it's "worth keeping an eye on".

CBS has done well with its revival of Hawaii Five-O, but can't we see something new?

I mean, CBS has "Five-O" and is considering "Bewitched". NBC is debuting Prime Suspect  [at least a re-thinking of the original British series]. Fox is bringing back The Flintstones [this time produced by Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy and American Dad. That should be interesting...], and ABC is reviving Charlie's Angels. The new version is produced by Drew Barrymore, who was in both "Angels" movies, so it will likely have the feel of the films more than the original show.

I remember hearing somewhere (a class on Shakespeare, maybe?) that there are only seven basic stories that can be told as comedies or dramas. OK. But why does TV seem to want to tell them the same way, over and over?

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