Brian Russell, Heather Davis and I were all SO glad we couldn't vote on the Bieber Fever cars...because you went above and beyond in showing your Bieber and Joy FM love!

It came down to a vote by the Bieber Bingo attendees, and unfortunately only one could win the two tickets to Justin Bieber's show as well as two meet & greets before the show!

[onescreen item="5106309"]

When all was said and done, 11-year-old Jenna from Lancaster garnered the most votes...and she was speechless (guessing that's a first, right mom?). :)

JoyFM / Laura Daniels

Then came the invite-only Bieber Bingo, where we were looking for a coverall for a second pair of tickets and meet & greets...and Ellie who won almost passed out SEVERAL times (shown here on right)! :)

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[onescreen item="5106311"]

JoyFM / Laura Daniels

Here are some more pictures. If you were there and want to share any, feel free!

Special thanks to SpOt Coffee on Transit in Clarence for giving us the perfect SPOT for all the excitement!