Please say it ain't so!

Why have you heard nothing about this until now? Well, there were many much more important things taking place. Plus, nobody raised a complaint until this week.

Bieber reportedly saw a fan getting excited outside one of his concerts earlier this month. He happened to be carrying his pet hamster PAC, so he handed it to the girl as a gift. A nice gesture from the superstar teen, right?

Maybe not, at least according to the California Hamster Association [yes, there is such a group. There may be one here in New York as well, but the CHA chose to raise the complaint first]. The hamster group says that Bieber should never have handed over the rodent in a stress-inducing situation like the one outside his Atlanta show. The CHA suggests that he surrender the hamster to an animal shelter or, if he really wanted the girl to have the pet, give it to her in a less-stressful setting [for what it's worth, TMZ reported that, as of Monday, PAC was doing just fine with its new owner].

Judgement? Looks like the Bieb is guilty of, at worst, a little lack of knowledge on how to handle a hamster. This is not a Michael Vick moment, by any means. Cut him some slack.

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