Do you ever wonder who makes the big bucks in the world of  celebrities? This is the kind of money most of us can't even imagine! It's interesting to note that the top ten come from music, television, and sports. Here's the top earners according to Forbes magazine.

1. Lady Gaga
Music, $90 million

2.Oprah Winfrey (right)
Television, $290 million

3. Justin Bieber
Music, $53 million

4. U2
Music, $195 million

5. Elton John
Music, $100 million

6. Tiger Woods
Athletes, $75 million

7. Taylor Swift
Music, $45 million

8. Bon Jovi
Music, $125 million

9. Simon Cowell (right)
Television, $90 million

10. LeBron James
Athletes, $48 million