An already-disastrous season on TV's The Biggest Loser is threatening to fall completely apart, with word that almost all of the remaining contestants have walked off the show to protest a rumored rule change that they fear will hurt their chances at the $250,000 top prize.

TMZ is reporting that the show's producers are considering bringing back previously-eliminated players to resume competing in the weight-loss game. When the rumor reached the current contestants, they decided to walken masse, believing that those who'd already lost had no right to return. To make their point, the group left in the middle of taping an episode. The show's producers have allegedly shut down production for at least a week, while they sort out their options.

I have to admit that I have a strained relationship with the show. As a fat person, I look at the contestants as lottery winners. They get taken out of possibly stressful home situations [stress has been known to cause overeating]. They get sent to a location designed for nothing more than weight loss. they have the advantages of talented trainers, dietitians and chefs preparing healthy food, access to exercise equipment at almost any time. Give me those advantages and I'd be ashamed not to lose weight!

I also have a question about the amounts these players are reported to lose each week. I'm not saying the numbers are fudged, but they frequently lose 10, 20 or more pounds in a week. The only problem with that is that most doctors believe weight loss of a pound or two a week is more typical, and healthier for the person trying to lose weight. Of course, losing the weight by any means is better for the contestants than not losing it. But are the players just exchanging one set of health risks for another?

If you were on The Biggest Loser, would you risk ending your weight-loss battle in a dispute over prize money? Or is the weight loss the only prize that matters? Weigh in, either here or on our Facebook page.