The Buffalo Bills are making it harder for me to “Shout”. Like many of you I am a life long Bills fan. Faithfully attending games for thirty years. I did not miss a season even with living out of state for twenty of those years. Sunday morning would come around and I couldn't wait to get up at 4am and make the trek to the “Ralph” from Ohio, and later Pennsylvania. 

So now the Bills have announced a new parking plan designed to stop people from meeting in their favorite lot to set up their game day tailgate. Gone will be my practice of pulling in, and setting my cooler in the space next to me so my friends can join me. The parking plan will now direct everyone to park side by side as they pull into lots 2 and 3.The Bills say it’s experimental, I say it will be a disaster. The home opener will be chaos as people try to arrive together so they can park side by side. Traffic always moves more slowly at the first game of the season. Wait till you see what happens now! 

Parking fees continue to go up almost every year, with more restrictions. Tailgating hours have been reduced an hour before the game this year. That’s follows last years decision to make sure everyone leaves the lots by 6pm. By the way, security starts reminding you to leave by 5:30. Very annoying. I could find no mention of the new parking plan on the Buffalo Bills website.   

It’s been a decade since the team actually competed for a playoff spot. The enjoyment of meeting your friends on a Sunday afternoon has been the highlight of the day for far too long. Now it just got tougher. Bad move Bills! I hope your on field moves are better this year! What do you think?  Leave me your comments!

By the way, are you ready for some football?