I don't know what's real in the world anymore.  I just learned that the current President of the United States used a smear campaign to stop Jon Bon Jovi from buying our Buffalo Bills.  How amazing is that!


According to those involved in bidding on our beloved franchise that's what happened.  If you remember back to when this was all going on in 2014, Bon Jovi was essentially banned from our city because the prevailing thought was that he would move the team to Toronto.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Apparently that speculation was amplified by a fake fan group created by Trump called 12th Man Thunder that exploited this narrative.  This sounds vaguely familiar to what happened in this past year's election.  I guess if the playbook works use it.


This did unite Buffalo against Bon Jovi and his Canadian interests, but at the same time backfired on Trump.  Ultimately we ended up with Terry and Kim Pegula, which was the best case scenario since they had Buffalo's best interests in mind.  No more did we have to worry about our team moving.

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It is kind of cool to think that the Buffalo Bills were such a big deal that the President, a Rock Star, and the country of Canada were all fighting for the right to call us their own. I'm glad it played out like it did and that those days are over.  GO BILLS!!