Today is a big day in the Joy FM studio! We are celebrating Joe and Keith's birthdays this morning! In honor of their birthdays, I'll tell you a few things you may not have known about these two!

Joe's Birthday is actually tomorrow, May 26th. As you know, he's a funny guy on the air. Off the air, he's even more hysterical. He's also a good friend. His doors always open to chat, borrow his computer or whatever else anyone might need. He loves being a family man, a real-life "Mike Brady." (His family is like the old TV Show "The Brady Bunch" minus one... Joe, Corinna, two kids of his own and three step kids.)

Keith will be celebrating his birthday all weekend, although Tuesday, May 29th is the actual date! Keith only joined us in the morning a few weeks back, but it's like he has been in studio with us forever. He's really one of a kind, a true original. I've known Keith for a while, way before he came to work here. He's always smiling, cracking jokes and seems fearless. He'll note with a grin on his face that he works for "God" on the weekend. He actually sings in church for regular masses, weddings and funerals. Yes, he has an awesome singing voice. We love having him here with us!

Happy Birthday Boys! I couldn't think of anyone else I would want to work with every morning!