I'm not surprised. As if "Being Bobby Brown" was not enough. Bobbi Kristina is getting a reality show.  I don't see why not at this point. If I am not mistaken, according to various reports  Bobbi has tried to commit suicide more than once, parties into the wee hours of the morning, has been to rehab and may be engaged to her adopted brother/cousin/family friend or whatever he is for the day.

 Let's not forget the biggest reason to have a reality show.  Her star mother Whitney Houston has just passed.  I don't know why she would want to subject herself to a reality show. Maybe it will be about her healing herself from the tumultuous life that she has led. Will we see her rift between she and dad Bobby? Either way.. This  can't be a good decision.  Where is Cissy and Ce Ce? We all know Aretha won't be present.  A leg cramp may keep her from showing up. She'll call when the concert is over and she's collected her money.

 At the end of the day a child has lost her mother and best friend, as they say it takes a village to raise a child. I hope she rethinks the decision . Hollywood will still be there when she's ready.  Do you think she should do a reality show?