Using jarred sauce in my house is sacrilege, BUT it's Bon Jovi's family sauce! I think my Italian grandma might forgive me!

John Bongiovi Sr. (Bongiovi Brand Facebook)

Jon Bon Jovi changed the spelling of his name so that people would pronounce it correctly. His family's last name is really spelled Bongiovi, and now they are jarring pasta sauce and selling it in Wegmans and ShopRite stores. 

According to their website:

The Bongiovi family recipe originated in the town of Sciacca, Sicily in the late 1800s. When Great Grandma Bongiovi would prepare the sauce, she made enough to feed the neighborhood. This tradition was passed to her son, which was then passed to his son and then passed again to his three sons in America.The idea of a jarred sauce was unheard of in our house. We would always say that you could never get the homemade taste in a jar. Our secret to the homemade taste is making small batches with the highest quality ingredients available. After numerous attempts, we have been able to master the process that allows us to bring a true homemade taste from the jar to your table. We hope you enjoy the flavors of home, the Bongiovi home.

Bongiovi Truck (Bongiovi Brand Facebook)

You can meet Jon Bon Jovi's dad (John Bongiovi Sr.) and brother Anthony this Sunday (July 21) at the Wegmans in Depew (4960 Transit Rd.) from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. They will have a stocked pasta wagon to share samples and also give you a chance to win tickets to Bon Jovi's show at Darien Lake on Tuesday (July 23).

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